C++ Dynamic Multidimensional Array example

Templated utility class
MultiArrayUtilties.h MultiArrayUtilties.cpp

Ellipse Detection Using Randomized Hough Transform
Individual Files: PDF, Errata, and Code

Wrap: Takes any number of file names on the command line and outputs those files to standard output with headers and footers around them. Requires Perl.

Matlab Shortcut Keys: Uses AutoHotKey to make Matlab more like R which shortcuts keys to automatically execute a line of code and advance to the next line.
CTRL+F9 Execute current line in the matlab editor
ALT+CTRL+F9 Execute current line, strip the ‘;’, if it exists,
executes it, and puts the ‘;’ back
F10 Exectue current line, advance to next line
F11 Strip, execute, advance
Script, EXE if you don’t have AutoHotKey

All software distributed under the Common Sense License.
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